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Trattamento dati personali
Statement of Bellemo Group on discretion
For Bellemo Group srl it is very important to guarantee discretion to their customers, this is why they are engaged in developing technologies which can permit good experiences in the web and greatest protection at the same time. The most of the site can be visited without being compelled to communicate to Bellemo Group srl any personal data, but in few cases it’s essential to record some information to be permitted to use offered services. In the following declaration on discretion the different phases of collection and treatment of the data in these cases are being described. We invite you reading the statement entirely. Visiting our web-site you give consent on the collection and treatment of your personal data in the ways that are being described in this document.

Collection of personal data
You’ll be asked some personal information just in cases in which this information is essential to identify and contact you. These are the cases in which you need book yourself in to be able to use services such as taking part to a competition, subscribing to bulletins, visiting a limited-access site, buying or recording Bellemo Group’ products. In the most of cases collected info in the Bellemo Group site pertains to the e-mail address, the language, the town or country of provenance. But in some cases it could be needed to provide with additional information.

In case of buying and installation of a new product it could be necessary to do an electronic recording. In these cases recorded information is filed with other information that the user can have given during the previous visits of the site. The collection of this information constitutes the personal file card of the user.

The use of personal info
Personal information is mainly used for 4 different aims:
  1. a. to ease the use of the site by users, who, in this way, won’t have to insert the same information for more times.
  2. b. To permit users to find software products, services, and information easily in Bellemo Group srl site
  3. c. To permit Bellemo Group srl to create sites which can offer users really interesting and useful information
  4. d. To inform users of the presence of updatings of some products, special offers, news and offered services by Bellemo Group srl
Personal information collected by Bellemo Group srl can be shared among Bellemo Group srl co-workers, even among their branches or affiliated agencies. Moreover in some cases Bellemo Group srl is helped by other companies providing with some services, such as packaging and sending products, answering to customers’ questions about products and services, mailing, processing subscriptions to particular events. Bellemo Group srl provides these companies just with information that is strictly necessary to guarantee the fulfilment of the service and these companies are not permitted to use this information for any other aims.

Bellemo Group srl will disclose customers’ personal data, without notice, just when it is required according to law’s points or they retain that it is necessary: a) to accomplish law obligations, to follow law prescriptions regarding Bellemo Group srl or their website b) to protect rights or property of Bellemo Group srl and of their websites c) to intervene in urgent circumstances to protect the personal safety of the users of Bellemo Group srl, of their websites and of public in general.

Control on personal information
The personal information that the user gives in booking-in process or in any other phase won’t ever be transmitted by Bellemo Group srl to others without the user’s consent, except for cases listed in the previous paragraph.

Bellemo Group srl can periodically send emails regarding technical problems of the products or services used by the user. It is not possible to receive these emails as they are considered an essential part of offered service.

Access to personal data
Bellemo Group srl can supply users with means that are necessary to verify that personal data are correct and updated. It is possible to modify and update these data in the portal in any time. The user can:
  1. a. read and modify personal data he has already transmitted to Bellemo Group srl
  2. b. make explicit whether he wants to receive marketing advertising
  3. c. give the consent to receive offers of other new products by traditional mail
  4. d. subscribe or cancel their subscription to bulletins about Bellemo Group’s products and services
Protection of personal data
Bellemo Group srl site protects discretion on given personal data unconditionally and they guarantee they are used according to conditions you have established. Bellemo group srl protect personal data to avoid they are lost, used improperly, revealed without authorization or destroyed.

Personal data can never be given to others without user’s authorization a part from few cases which have been mentioned above. Bellemo Group record the data in limited access servers which are protected through passwords. Every user can play an important role in personal data’s protection. Nobody is permitted to read or modify your personal data without knowing your Passport account and the related password which you should not share with any other person, we advise you.

The use of Cookies
PTo publish information which is really useful for customers, Bellemo Group site collects statistical data which are aggregated to the visits to sites through the use of cookies. Specific data about the use of the site aren’t collected by single users.

When a user visits the site for the first time, in his PC a cookie is copied (if the PC is set up to accept cookies), and this cookie will be read during following visits.

Web technology applied for the use of cookies is based on beanconing, and it is also known as ‘clear gif’ technology. This technology permits us to know how many visitors have clicked on ‘key’ elements (for example link or images) of a Bellemo Group page. This technology doesn’t allow to access to personal data about bellemo group site. It’s technology which collects aggregated statistical data about the use of Bellemo Group site. Bellemo Group srl don’t supply anybody with collected data and no other companies are permitted to insert ‘clear gif’ into Bellemo group’s sites.

If Pc is set in such a way that cookies aren’t accepted, the user will be possible to see pages’ contents anyway, but he won’t be permitted to do personalized visits, and he won’t be allowed to subscribe to offered services in the site either.

Link to further explanations about cookies.

Bellemo Group srl will be likely to update this Statement on discretion occasionally. In these cases the date written at the beginning of the Statement, under item ‘Last updating’ will be changed. In case of important modification to the content of the Bellemo Group srl Statement a warning will be published on the website to inform customers.

To contact us
Bellemo Group srl is pleased to receive you comments or suggestions about the present Statement on discretion . We invite you contacting to our e-mail address: or you can mail us a letter.

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