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Bellemo group s.r.l. - was born as a company specialized in air-conditioner dealing, but in the last years they have tried to develop new branches of importation undertaking new ways-out, path that nobody has ever attempted before. With these purposes Mr. Bellemo Daniele and Mr. Bellemo Manuel - brothers and charter members of ellemo Group srl Company - have visited fair of international renown, where besides consolidating the relationships with the producers of their trademark 'Blue Ice', which they owe the development of the Company to, they have also been possible to acquire useful information and valid contacts to strengthen their new project. It's only thanks to the energy that usually characterized a well-advanced Company that 'Bellemo Group' have pursued and selected their product among different offers of the market and the mark 'Laguna design' was born - a mark of bathroom furniture with a contemporary style that is proper for any kind of room thanks to the simplicity of its lines: shower enclosures,  multifunction showers, hydro-massage bathtubs which mix functionality with the elegance and originality of their design. The qulity of all the products is attested and warranted and by necessity customers can be supported by an efficient net of technical assistence.

Bellemo Group S.r.l.
Via San Marco, 1661 - 30015 
Sottomarina di Chioggia (VE) Italia
Tel. 041 400231 Fax 041 5510211
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