Docce Idromassaggio
Bagno turco
Colonne Doccia
Box Doccia

elegant internal and external design

big, fixed shower head above end small movable shower head
aspiration fan to eliminate internal dampness
electronic control panic with LED screen

digital control for steam function, temperature and time setting

automatic disinfection and ozone-perfumation 

plantar massage console
hi-fi console + CD wiring + phone
hydro-massage jets with digital control+ remote control
relax-mode lightning spots
supplying system with tinny protection + safety device
hydro-massage system for neck, back and belt line
automatic power-off-in case of lack in water

stainless steel trim sizes in the low part+ surge protection


size                  170x95x215
net weight     162 kg
gross weight  232 kg

Bellemo Group S.r.l.
Via San Marco, 1661 - 30015 
Sottomarina di Chioggia (VE) Italia
Tel. 041 400231 Fax 041 5510211
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