Docce Idromassaggio
Bagno turco
J 20
J 30
F 90 - L 70
M 25 - M 20
P 70 - F 70
P 80 - S 90
Colonne Doccia
Box Doccia


acrylic material

from 6 to 10 nozzles to deliver water and air, which come out as pleasant and reinvigorating hydro-massage jets on dorsal, lumbers and legs, after having been mixed by a particular system
possibility to add LCD electronic panel and radio
engine: 0,73 kw
safe handles, which fit with the bathtub's elegant lines thanks to their design
removable mixer and manual shower heads for the faucet plant
large surface for supporting, for a total comfort
the electronic part is endowed with safety device
M 25

M 20

Bellemo Group S.r.l.
Via San Marco, 1661 - 30015 
Sottomarina di Chioggia (VE) Italia
Tel. 041 400231 Fax 041 5510211
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