Informazioni relative al trattamento di dati personali
Informativa e richiesta di consenso al trattamento dei dati personali ai sensi dell'art.13 del D.lgs.196/2003
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Last updating: 2004, July 1st

According to art. 13 of D.lgs 196/2003 your personal data that have been forwarded to us either for trading reasons or for promotional activities, for having used our services or deriving from services of presentation of our offers or from the creation of contractual relations will be subjected to computerized treatment or manual treatment just for:
- to fulfil laws linked to civil, fiscal and accounting exc.. rules
- to perform duties deriving from contracts, assistance and technical support regarding services or products you have bought, also in post-selling time or also after the duration of warrantee if it is expressly established
- administrative management of relations
We make precise that we don’t own those data defined ‘sensibili’ (‘sensitive’) by the above-mentioned D.lgs, they are data which permit to infer health’s state, accession to any labour union, religious or philosophical belief, accession to any political party. The data will be treated with means suitable to guarantee safety and discretion and it could be made by computerized means which are able to organize and transmit them. The data will be communicated by the company to our selling network- assistance and/or distribution of services ( distributors, organizers..), distribution of services in escrow, companies which produce goods or companies of services in behalf of the producer of services in escrow.
The data related to You will be likely to be communicated to banks, investment institutions, lawyer’s offices for the organization of the receipts and payment for the stipulation of contracts. In order to carry out controls, surveys or requests, Your data will be probable to be communicated to Financial Administration and to Agencies / organizations aimed at checking the regular fulfilment of civil/fiscal duties. These data won’t be transmitted neither abroad nor in European Union circle. Considering the existing business relations they will be being kept and treated until one countermand of Yours. We highlight that the treatment of the data- according to what has been written before- is compulsory and essential to fulfil duties of Law, to permit You to use our services and to permit the regular fulfilment of contractual engagements, also to fulfil the civil and fiscal obligation that are established by actual rules.
The titular of the data’s treatment is:

Bellemo Group S.r.l.
Via San Marco, 1661
30015 Sottomarina di Chioggia (VE) Italia

Regarding to what has been written before your rights are described in the art. 7 of D.lgs 196/2003, published in the S.O. 123 of the ‘Gazzetta Ufficiale’

-Art 7 of the D.lgs 196/2003-
( Right to access to personal data and other rights)

1. the involved person has the right to have the confirmation of the existence or not of their personal data
2. the involved person has the right to get information:
a about the origins of their personal data
b about the purpose and modality of the treatment of their personal data
c about the logical analysis applied in case of the use of electronic means
d about the identifying data of the titular/organizers/the delegate appointed according to art. 5, comma 2
e about the people, and the categories of people whom the data may be communicated to and who may get to know them because of their role of organizers, charged people, or of appointed delegate in the territory of the State.
3. the involved person has the right to:
a the updating, correction and, in case they want, the integration of the data.
b the cancellation, transformation into an anonymous form or the lockout of the treated data in case of violation of law- the lockout can regard also those data of which preservation isn’t necessary in relation to the purpose for which they have been collected and treated
c the attestation that the operation described in points ‘a’ and ‘b’ have been let to be known –including also to those people whose data have been communicated and spread- except for those cases in which these operations could be impossible

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Bellemo Group S.r.l.
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Sottomarina di Chioggia (VE) Italia
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